2019. year
The idea of ​​buying an island

About 4 years ago, the idea to buy an island came up. The process of finding the island begins.

2022. year
Country 2.0
The idea is starting to materialize

A decision is made to buy Vatu Varu Island. The website of the New Latvia project is being created. Attracting the first investors. First publications in mass media.

2023. year
Active fundraising

Funding is actively being attracted according to the Crowdfunding principle. Signed cooperation agreements with entrepreneurs who want to open a business in Country 2.O.

Acquisition of an island

The acquisition of the island will take place in the second half of this year.

2023./2024 year
Moving to New Latvia

At the end of this year or by March 2024 at the latest, the first new Latvians will arrive on the island. Charter flights to Fiji from Riga are organized. Construction of micro houses and creation of infrastructure.

2022. year
Autonomy from Fiji
Autonomy from Fiji

From the moment of the acquisition of the island, negotiations on obtaining the status of autonomy will begin.

2029.- 2031. year
An independent country

After obtaining the status of autonomy, work will be done immediately to obtain the status of an independent state.