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Ernests Rieksts

Has amassed 18 years of real estate and investment experience, as well as 8 years of experience in tourism, has visited more than 45 countries and 70 islands. Father of two, has studied law sciences, mechatronics, philosophy and start-up business in such universities as Rigas Stradiņš University, Riga Technical University and University of Latvia. His first company “Hanseatic Investment society” Ernests Rieksts founded at the age of 18, where he managed investment funds, as well as successfully invested in various real estate projects. For the first years in his career, Ernests has sold real estate as a real estate intermediary, invested and purchased numerous properties and projects in Latvia and abroad. Also, by opening a 550 bed hostel network in the center of Riga, he has accommodated travelers, Latvian students and the labour force. Since Ernests himself has gained personal experience in serving around 40 000 tourists and locals, it has allowed him to better understand and appeal to each guest's wishes, needs and worldviews. Within 8 years of its existence the hostel network has served around 500 000 tourists and Latvian nationals.

Additionally has opened a sensory deprivation rehabilitation center “Riga Float” and other successful companies useful to society. Over the years, more than 1500 employees have worked for Ernests Rieksts in various fields and companies. Ernests Rieksts is the author of the project, a patron, who describes the project as his own being and lifeblood - not to consume alcohol, nicotine or drugs, but rather to eat, think and live healthy, to be active - swim, run, cycle, and adhere to moderation in things. Ernests believes in the importance of latest technologies, zero waste, zero emission, and that being kind to the people alike and overcoming difficulties are crucial components to the success of any project.



Address - 128 City Road, London, United Kingdom
Bank name - Revolut LTD
Account name - COUNTRY 2.0 LTD
Account number - GB39REVO00996920300585

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✅2000€ - Saņemat zemes gabalu ar atļauju vienstāva mājas būvniecībai (15m2).
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✅4000€ - Saņemat zemes gabalu ar atļauju trīstāvu mājas būvniecībai (15m2).
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