Frequently asked questions

Country 2.O will be established in the archipelago of the Fiji Islands on one of the islands of Vatu Vara.

The acquisition of the island is expected in 2023, after which it will also be possible to move to Country 2.O.

There are flights to Suva Suva (the capital of Fiji) from London (ticket about 600 EUR), Dubai (ticket about 500 EUR) and other major cities of the world. Charter flights from Riga are also planned. From Suva Suva further to Country 2.O by seaplane (40 minutes) or by boat (about 7 hours).

Yes, Stralink internet is already provided on the island of Vatu Vara.

Fijian legislation does not prohibit the use of alcohol, however, only ecologically clean products without preservatives, without addictive substances will be available in Country 2.O - without coffee, without sweetened drinks, without white flour products, without semi-finished products, without alcohol, without cigarettes, without sugar and everything else that can harm our health.

Yes, there is potable water on the island, that's not a problem.

There is no reason to believe that the required amount will not be raised, but if it is, or someone buys Vatu Vara Island again, another island will be bought.